Wednesday, December 7, 2011

You're Invited -- Just Bring Your Own

Back by popular demand, we're offering our styling "How-To" class. Bring your
own tools and have our team of talented stylists show you how to achieve a great
look at home. We will be featuring quick up-dos, blow dry's and Kay will be
showing how to create a "smoky eye" -- just bring your makeup. We will also be offering a great product discount the day of the class.  Check out our December 2011 Savings below for information on the discount.

When: Wednesday, December 14th from 6:30 PM to 8PM

Who: Everyone is welcome, bring a friend.

Please R.S.V.P space will be limited so please call and reserve your spot.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Welcome Genifer Chavez to our staff!!

We are very excited to announce the addition of Dr. Genifer Y. Chavez, MD, MPH to our staff at The Edge Salon! 

Dr. Chavez will bring her unique talents and Total Makeover Program to our clients to help them achieve their health and beauty goals from both the “inside out,” as well as the “outside in”.

Dr. Chavez specializes in “medical aesthetics”  (the use of Botox, dermal fillers, and advanced anti-aging skin care) to erase those wrinkles and stubborn frown and smile lines, as well as restore lost facial volume to cheeks, lips, and fallen brows.

Additionally, Dr. Chavez is well known for her work with bio-identical hormones and anti-aging medicine to help women and men overcome issues related to menopause and andropause (e.g., hot flashes, low energy, poor sleep, “brain fog,” loss of lean muscle mass, loss of libido, etc.).

Come meet her in person at The Edge Salon on Saturday November 19th.  Call our front desk TODAY to schedule a FREE 30-minute Consultation with Dr. Chavez to discuss your personal beauty, health, and wellness goals.

To learn more about Dr. Chavez, visit her website at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Get Your Guys Detailed

With the holiday’s right around the corner, there is no doubt that all the magazine’s and salons will be marketing their services towards women.  In this day and age we can’t overlook that men need to be pampered too.  So go ahead and encourage that man in your life to spend a little extra cash on a good hair service.  He will not only walk away feeling great, but he will have a new found education of hair products to help him maintain his look.  Whether he suffers with unruly curls or flat, thinning hair a trained stylist can help him achieve a style that looks great and is easy to manage.  Another great way for your guy to feel pampered is by getting regular facials.  This may be a hard sell.  Don't let him imagine a towel on his head, and cucumbers on his eyes!  Facials that are designed with men in mind are focused and results driven. They are specific in purpose.  Men often times suffer from Barbae Folliculitis (red irritated bumps) as a result from shaving.  Facials using steam and extractions help eradicate the bumps and incorporate soothing balms to reduce redness.  Exfoliating facials can help reduce blackheads as well as diminish fine lines and wrinkles due to premature aging and sun exposure.   So go ahead and buy that salon gift certificate for the man in your life and lead him in to a place where he can escape when he needs time away from the office or just from the overload of the daily routine.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Give Your Hands Some Love This Autumn

Just like your face, you need to continue to protect your hands from damaging UV rays throughout the autumn and winter. Whereas the rest of your body will be nicely protected under layers of clothing, your hands may still be exposed and the sun’s rays can cause damage to skin even on cloudy days so it’s important to continue with sunscreen. Using sunscreen on your hands every day of the year is a good tip to keep them youthful looking and avoid the tell-tale signs of aging. Don’t let your hands give away your true age!

The skin on your hands can dry out very easily and it is dryness which causes the problems commonly experienced in autumn and winter. Chapped and cracked hands can be unsightly and even painful if the dryness is severe. To counter this it is important to keep your hands and nails nourished and protected with a good hand cream.

Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment is like medicine for hands. This super-nourishing cream absorbs quickly without being greasy. It keeps hands smooth, helps repair damage, strengthens and protects nails and also contains brightening ingredients to help reduce signs of aging such as hyperpigmentation. All of this in one amazing little tube!

Apply Dermalogica MultiVitamin Hand and Nail Treatment whenever hands feel dry and, for extra nourishment, apply before bed then slip your hands into a pair of gloves whilst you sleep. Guaranteed silky smooth mitts!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stay Cool with Goldwell Topchic

Goldwell has introduced new color line for brunettes, Topchic StayCool Brunettes.  Over time, the conventional cool brown colors can turn warm, but with Goldwell's patent-pending CoolProtect Technology ensures color quality remains true and more stable.  The new technology neutralizes the warm color while maintaining balance between the cool and warm color pigments for superior results you will love.

Topchic StayCool Brunettes offer
up to 82% more color stability
compared to competitors!

With Fall already here, clients are looking to change from warm, brighter shades to the cool and darker shades. This line is perfect, especially for clients that constantly complain "I see RED in it!"  These shades are cool, clean brunettes with a natural and beautiful finish.

TopChic StayCool Brunettes come in 6 beautiful modern shades with a Pearly or Smoky Matte Couture.

Come in and try the collection today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month!

This is it! This is the month to really get serious about your skincare. September is National Skin Care Awareness Month and we want to educate you and help you get your skincare routine underway and added as one of THE most important components in your daily routine.

A regular (daily) good skincare routine can turn around the look, feel and health of your skin in as little as two weeks! That is not time at all if you think about. Using the right products and steps is also extremely important to healthy skin.
Here is a great place to start!
1st – Visit a professional skincare therapist and get your skin analyzed
2nd – Choose a product line especially formulated for your skins needs (we suggest Dermalogica or PCA)
3rd – Use the products in their correct order to achieve optimal benefits
4th – Add the skincare steps into your twice daily routine (morning and night for best results)

Friday, July 29, 2011

We love Glee!

And of course their hair!  The new school year is starting soon or has already started for others in the Valley of the Sun.  Why not come in for a fresh haircut, style, color, or hair extensions.  Take a look of our fave Glee girls and their style.

Rachel Berry

Her style is a bit more on the preppy side.  Her long straight hair is simple, but her full bangs make her stand out in the crowd.  To style, spray a bit of Bb.Tonic and Bb.Styling lotion and blow dry with a flat brush.  Finish with the Bb.Shine.


                                                                                     Quinn Fabray

Once prim and proper is now the rebel of the group, but she's still gorgeous with her new sexy bob.  She cut about six inches!  To style, spray Bb.Thickening all over and blow dry with a flat brush.  Finish with some Bb.Brillantine for shine and separation.


Just because she wear spikes and chains and mostly black like her hair, Tina can still have some fun.  Here she shows her blues in extensions.  If you're afraid to do anything permanent, colored hair or feather extensions are the easiest fix to boring hair.  Not all extensions are permanently fused (glued) to the hair, they can be clipped in with a small comb or beads.

                                                                                          Mercedes Jones

A true diva, her hair is always perfect and shiny.  We love her even more with her bangs.  To keep hair healthy and shiny, once a week use Bb.Mending line.  To style, spray Bb.Tonic, rub some Bb.Straight and blow dry.  Finish with a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, taking 1 inch sections and roll away from the face.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top 6 Summer Skin Tips

As you prepare to show more skin, get ready to face the sun's rays with our top 6 summer skin tips!

1. Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin

What it does: Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers.

When: Perform in the mornings prior to toner, moisturizer, SPF and make-up application. Tip: Make-up will last longer on an exfoliated skin!

Don’t forget: After you exfoliate, follow with a hydrating body cream to seal in moisture, and always shield freshly exfoliated skin with an SPF (as recommended by the FDA).

Recommended Dermalogica Products: Daily Microfoliant®, Exfoliating Body Scrub, Body Hydrating Cream, MultiVitamin BodyBlock SPF20.

2. Keep skin hydrated

How: Up your regimen’s level of hydration with intensive masques, perfect for use one to two times a week. Boosters are a great fit, working best when layered underneath a moisturizer. Toners are a refreshing moisturizer prep, working to even out skin porosity. Tip: Refresh with a revitalizing toner spritz at your desk, in the car, at the gym, on the plane!

Recommended Dermalogica Products: Antioxidant HydraMist, Skin Hydrating Booster, Skin Hydrating Masque.

3. Make friends with H20

Why: Higher temperatures and more time outdoors leads to internal dehydration, which can result in headaches and dizzy spells!

What you can do: Eight 8-ounce glasses of plain, filtered water every day help maintain critical moisture balance of the body and skin, and assist in detoxification. Tip: If you drink caffeinated beverages, you must triple the amount of water you drink!

Recommended: Plain and pure water!

4. When in doubt, apply (and reapply!)

Why: It’s not enough to just apply sunscreen.: you must apply enough, and apply frequently. Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should.

How much: A teaspoon for the face. For the body, about as much as would fill a shot glass.

How often: Re-apply every two hours. Tip: Stay out of the midday sun from mid-morning to late afternoon whenever you can.

Bonus: Today’s sophisticated formulas and technology let you select sun protection that works with your skin condition. That means you can choose oil-free, mattifying formulas, extra emollient formulas for dry skin, or chemical free formulas for sensitized, reactive skin.

Recommended Dermalogica Products: Oil Free Matte Block SPF20, Extra Rich FaceBlock SPF30, Super Sensitive FaceBlock SPF30.

5. Soothe over-exposed skin

What: You forgot the sunscreen, didn’t apply enough, or got caught in a sunny spell.

What’s next: Unfortunately, the damage is done, but you don’t have to suffer in pain! Super-soothing botanicals and cooling gels can help prevent peeling and reduce redness and inflammation.

How: Apply cooling balms generously over-exposed skin, preferably at the first sight of a pink glow.

Prevent: One blistering sunburn doubles your risk of melanoma -- remember to get a yearly skin exam by a doctor and perform a self-examination once a month to detect early warning signs of carcinomas and malignant melanoma. Look for a new growth or any skin change.

Recommended Dermalogica Products: After Sun Repair

6. Repair and treat sun damage

What causes skin damage: UV light causes photoaging in the form of brown spots, coarse skin and wrinkles, whether you have burned your skin or not. When sunlight comes in contact with skin a cascade of damage results (including the stripping of barrier lipids) causing inflammation, production of reactive oxygen molecules that affect healthy cell growth, and stimulation of collagen destructing enzymes.

What to do: A tan may be a popular summer look, but it indicates damage. Bombard your skin with age-fighting ingredients to help undo any damage that may occur, and to further protect it from the aging affects of UV.

Recommendation Dermalogica Products: Power Rich™, MultiVitamin Power Recovery® Masque, MAP-15 Regenerator.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Give your hair some TLC


Start your summer with shiny, healthy hair with the Bb. Wear and Care line.  Two lines, one for chemically treated hair and the other for extreme dryness and over styled hair.

For color damaged or chemically treated hair, try Bb. Mending.

Mending Shampoo: An ultra mild cleanser that starts treating the hair without stripping color, wiliting perms or reverse chemically straighten hair.

Mending Conditioner:  This rich conditioner will start repairing the damage hair.

Mending Complex:  Is a daily leave-in treatment that penetrates and seals the cuticles for sustained repair, shine protection and flyaway control.

Mending Masque:  For the ultimate repair, this weekly masque restores strength, increases elasticity, and makes the unmanageable hair manageable.

For the always dry and over styled hair try Bb. Quenching.

Quenching Shampoo:  Mild Cleanser without stripping the hair of moisture.

Quenching Conditioner:  Hydrating conditioner begins replenishing vital moisture into the hair.

Quenching Complex:  A daily leave in treatment that quenches the cuticle smooth, seals in moisture, replenishes shine and smooths fly aways.

Quenching Masque:  Used weekly this hydrator restores hair natural moisture barrier for supple softness and strength.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Best HairStyling Products for Guys

Hairstyling Products

Just like the shoes and clothes you wear, the way you style your hair will say a lot about your sense of fashion and personality.

Men's hairstyles continually evolve with new trends.  Just like the shoes and clothes you wear, the way you style your hair says a lot about your sense of fashion and personality.  However, before you decide on your next hairstyle, or if you simply want to change your current look, read on to find out what these hairstyling products can do for you.  Each of these products form distinct textures and styles for various hair types.  Discover which products can better help you achieve the hair you've always wanted.

Mousse is great for any man's hairstyle and it can create practically any desired look.  When used on wet hair, it will give you a sleek, wet look, with shine.  When used on dry hair, it will help shape, mold and hold your hair in place with a more natural look.  Mousse can also provide volume for men with thinner or fine hair.   Wear mousse on a daily basis to create a natural and easy-to-manipulate hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Shake the bottle. Dispense a small amount in one hand and apply to your hair with both hands. Style your hair to your liking and blow dry for maximum hold.

Main benefit
Mousse allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day without the stickiness factor.

Main drawbacks
Quality hair mousse doesn't come cheap and it might lack holding strength for those who need more grip.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for mousse include Chris Hemsworth, James Franco and Lapo Elkann.

Hair gel is the most efficient of hairstyling products for keeping your hair steady in its place.  Gel works well on waved, curled, relaxed, textured, and virgin (uncolored or untreated) hair over extended time periods, and it can be used for styling techniques such as freezing, sculpting, molding, and scrunching.
Good quality gels will also moisturize and condition your hair for many days. Make sure to avoid any gels or other hair products that contain alcohol because they will dry out and damage your hair. Cheap gels have a tendency to dry the scalp and generate flaking.

Ed Westwick Hair - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Dispense a nickel-size amount of gel in one hand and use both hands to rub it into your towel-dried hair. Style the hair to your liking. Blow-dry if you want maximum hold or dry naturally for a shiny look.

Main benefit
It will cement your hairstyle for many hours, even in the face of heavy winds.

Main drawbacks
A large quantity of gel is needed for many looks and you will get your hands sticky if restyling is needed throughout the day.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for gel include Ed Westwick, Jon Hamm as Don Draper and Brad Pitt.

Most pomade products provide a combination of conditioning, styling, shining, and texture-enhancing ingredients. Pomade works best for short to medium length hair. Use for holding, shaping and defining your hairstyle.
Pomade also allows you to have a natural look and adds texture. It's a great product for more stylish haircuts and for that "messy" look.  We suggest Bumble and Bumble's Styling Wax to achieve this look.

Alex Pettyfer - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Skim a small quantity onto your fingers, then rub your fingers together and apply to your hair. Distribute evenly where molding is needed.

Main benefit
Only small quantities are needed and it really gives your hair great texture.

Main drawback
When too much is applied, it might give your hair a greasy look. In some cases, it may require multiple shampooings in order to remove pomade.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for pomade include Alex Pettyfer, Mark Ronson and Bradley Cooper.


Bumble and Bumble's Does It All or Spray De Mode can be used as a styling or finishing product. It makes your hair look thicker and can add shine. Most quality hairsprays include effective UV sunscreen protection, which is great for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. When sprayed on wet hair, you can style and mold your hair to your liking.
Hairspray is also great for finishing already-styled and dry hair for maximum hold. A little tip is to avoid any hairspray that smells too pungent, to make sure it doesn't drown out your cologne's fresh scent.

George Clooney Hair - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Hairspray is the simplest hairstyling product to use: Spray it evenly across your hair. Blow dry or let dry for different styles. Just make sure to stay away from open flame and lit cigarettes.

Main benefits
Very easy to apply (three to four sprays), and you don't have to get your hands dirty.

Main drawbacks
Many hairsprays have a strong smell, and when too much hairspray is used it can give your hair a dry and crunchy texture.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for hairspray: George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio and Javier Bardem.

Which hair product is right for you?
Hopefully, you'll find a product that best suits your hairstyle's needs. Just remember: Whatever product you opt for, make sure it contains no alcohol, and try to find products with UV sunscreen protection and moisturizing characteristics to maintain your healthy hair.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Beach Waves by Becca

Summer trend that every girl loves… loose beach waves.
My Bumble and Bumble recipe for medium to thick coarse hair that I’m loving at the moment: Tonic Lotion, Curl Conscious Calming Creme, and Surf Spray.

On wet hair spray Tonic Lotion (comb through, don’t brush).. work Calming Creme through out hair.. Defuse hair.. and finish with Surf Spray for a textured look.

Summer trend that every girl loves… loose beach waves.
My Bumble and Bumble recipe for medium to thick coarse hair that I’m loving at the moment: Tonic Lotion, Curl Conscious Calming Creme, and Surf Spray.
On wet hair spray Tonic Lotion (comb through, don’t brush).. work Calming Creme through out hair.. Defuse hair.. and finish with Surf Spray for a textured look.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Dull locks?  Give it some sparkle and LET IT SHINE by Bb, a new collection just in time for Spring/Summer.  The shampoo and condition have sunflower-powered cleansing solution to help dissolve dulling residue and preserve natural oils letting the hair shine.

The SHINE ON spray, (which replaced the Bb. Shine aerosol), is a light weight, high shine glossing spray to smooth flyaways and add extra shine power.  Spray it directly on the hair or on the hand to control how much shine and where you want it.

Come on in and get your SHINE ON this spring/summer.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Royal Wedding Hair by Chenda

Kate Middleton has become an instant trend setter with people replicating her engagement ring, clothes and hairstyle.  As the big day approaches, we're wondering how the Princess Bride-to-Be will be wearing her hair when she weds the Prince William later this week.  My guess......she will be keeping it classy and true to her own style.  I see Kate choosing to wear her hair down with a soft bounce or curls and slightly pulled back.

The BIG day will be here Friday April 29th, 2011 at Westminster Abbey.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hair Alert!

Clairol Natural InstinctsAt-home hair color lovers, check your beauty closets and cabinets. Procter & Gamble has voluntarily recalled 10 shades of Clairol Natural Instincts.

The beauty and household care company was alerted in late March that something went awry with their popular hair color line when someone who had used the product contacted P&G after they experienced an unwanted color result, spokesman Brent Miller told StyleList.

After investigating the claims, P&G discovered that theColorFresh! Revitalizer -- a refresher that is applied two weeks after the initial color to enhance the hair's tone -- was mismatched in 10 Natural Instincts hair color kits.

The shades recalled include:
• Natural Instincts Shade 16 Light Auburn (Spiced Tea)
• Natural Instincts Shade 35 Brown Black (Ebony Mocha)
• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 03G Light Golden Blonde (Honey Creme)
• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 7.5 Dark Blonde (Maple Creme)
• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 21G Medium Golden Brown (Caramel Creme)

• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 23R Medium Auburn (Raspberry Creme)
• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 30R Dark Auburn (Cherry Creme)
• Natural Instincts Creme Shade 31 Darkest Brown (Coffee Creme)
• Natural Instincts Vibrant Shade 9 Natural Light Blonde (Blonde Vibrance)
• Natural Instincts Vibrant Shade 10 Extra Light Blonde (Sun-Kissed Blonde)

However, P&G confirms that the hair color in the kit is correct and anyone who has purchased any of the products with the aforementioned shades is urged to toss it.

But don't worry that you're throwing away hard-earned dollars in the trash. The company is stepping up to the plate and issuing refunds and providing color correction services.

"The quality of our products and satisfaction of the women who use them is our top priority," Miller told StyleList. "P&G corrected the issue and will have product back on the shelf in May 2011."

Head over to for more details.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sunscreen 101

What Is Sunscreen? Sunscreens are chemical agents that help prevent the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation from reaching the skin. Two types of ultraviolet radiation, UVA and UVB damage the skin and increase your risk of skin cancer. Sunscreens vary in their ability to protect against UVA and UVB.

What Is SPF? SPF — or Sun Protection Factor — is a measure of a sunscreen's ability to prevent UVB from damaging the skin. Here's how it works: If it takes 20 minutes for your unprotected skin to start turning red, using an SPF 15 sunscreen theoretically prevents reddening 15 times longer — about five hours. Another way to look at it is in terms of percentages: SPF 15 blocks approximately 93 percent of all incoming UVB rays. SPF 30 blocks 97 percent; and SPF 50 blocks 98 percent. And as you can see, no sunscreen can block all UV rays.  However, there are problems with the SPF model: First, no sunscreen, regardless of strength, should be expected to stay effective longer than two hours without reapplication. Second, "reddening" of the skin is a reaction to UVB rays alone and tells you little about what UVA damage you may be getting. Plenty of damage can be done without the red flag of sunburn being raised.
Who Should Use Sunscreen? Anyone over the age of six months should use a sunscreen daily. Even those who work inside are exposed to ultraviolet radiation for brief periods throughout the day. Also, UVA is not blocked by most windows. Children under the age of six months should not be exposed to the sun. Shade and protective clothing are the best ways to protect infants from the sun.
What Type of Sunscreen Should I Use? The answer depends on how much sun exposure you're anticipating. In all cases, a broad-spectrum sunscreen offering protection against both UVA and UVB rays is recommend. Many after-shave lotions and moisturizers have a sunscreen (usually SPF 15 or greater) already in them, and this is sufficient for everyday activities with a few minutes here and there in the sun.
How Much Sunscreen Should I Use and How Often Should I Apply It? To ensure that you get the full SPF of a sunscreen, you need to apply 1 oz – about a shot glass full. Studies show that most people apply only half to a quarter of that amount, which means the actual SPF they have on their body is lower than advertised. During a long day at the beach, one person should use around one half to one quarter of an 8 oz. bottle. Sunscreens should be applied 30 minutes before sun exposure to allow the ingredients to fully bind to the skin. Reapplication of sunscreen is just as important as putting it on in the first place, so reapply the same amount every two hours. Sunscreens should be reapplied immediately after swimming, toweling off, or sweating a great deal.
Once you choose the right sunscreen, use it the right way. But remember, you should not rely on sunscreen alone to protect your skin against UV rays. For more information, log onto The Skin Cancer Foundations web site at you will find additional Prevention Guidelines that can lower your risk of developing skin cancer and help your skin look younger, longer.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chemical Peels vs. Microdermabrasion

A chemical peel uses a chemical solution applied on the skin to remove the upper layers of skin cells. This evens out pigmentation, reduce scars, hydrates, improve texture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The chemicals used are Trichloracetic acid (TCA), Glycolic acid, Phenol resorcinol, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Alpha-keto acid, and Tretinoin Retinoic acid. These unique treatments significantly stimulate the fibroblasts deep within the skin to produce new collagen and elastin.  Because it acts deeper in the skin than microdermabrasion, chemical peels yield better results, are regarded as safe and require little to no down-time.
Microdermabrasion is done by spraying fine crystals onto the surface of the skin. The purpose of this is to remove dead skin cells perching on the upper layer of skin. The intention of a dermabrasion is not the same as a peel. This procedure is done in order to give the skin a lighter, brighter appearance.  For example, maybe you want to look well rested for a special occasion. Its aim is not a change in skin surface appearance. Wrinkles or skin discolorations are not noticeably improved by dermabrasion. Some may see this as a plus, if you do not wish to change skin texture, just look rosier, this could be the procedure to try.
If you do want to change the appearance of your skin, a peel is the way to go. The kind of peel that is right for you depends on careful skin analysis, your skin health goals, and the extent of skin damage you wish to reverse.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Here!

New Katy Perry OPI Nail Polish Collection

Give nails the fine, fresh, and fierce look from Katy Perry's Polish Collection.  Introducing 4 new colors worn alone or apply the Black Shatter for fun, edgy look.  Come in and check it out!

L-R:  Teenage Dream, Not Like The Movies, Last Friday Nite, The One That Got Away, Black Shatter

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

38 Way to Look Younger

Whether it's getting more sleep, taking more exercise, changing your make-up routine, or trying the latest laser technology, a younger look for the new year doesn't have to be an impossible dream.
Get some sleep: use a silk or satin pillow-slip so you'll look doubly refreshed

So, do you want to look younger and start the year by defying the onset of another decade?  It's a silly question, of course. We all do. Well, not that much younger. But just a bit.
There's nothing wrong with looking your age – or with looking old, for that matter – except that few of us relish the idea.  Certainly, we should learn to accept ourselves as we are, to embrace our changing faces and physiques as the years take their toll, but given the current national preoccupation – make that, obsession – with the beauty of youth and with finding ways to cheat nature and look "good for our age", it is no wonder that we feel we need to make the best of ourselves.
Would we be better people if we looked younger? Would we be kinder to each other and would the little glitches in our lives sort themselves out?  I doubt it. But there's no doubt that when it comes to bolstering a fragile sense of self-esteem, if you think you look good, then you feel better about yourself and more confident, too, which can't be a bad thing.
It stands to reason that, if you want to bring about any changes in the way you look, you'll have to make a few changes to your way of life, which require sustained effort. Your sleeping patterns, emotional balance, eating habits, exercise regime (or lack thereof), skin-care routine and stress levels – all of this has an impact on the face you present to the world.
To improve the outlook, here is a whole bundle of things that you could try. You need to be realistic, though. As leading cosmetic dermatologist Dr Nick Lowe often says when lecturing on the subject of facial aesthetics: "Choose your parents with care." How we look and how we age is largely – about 50 per cent – determined by our genes, and there's only so much you can do to change what your genes have in store for you.

None of these suggestions is going to make you miraculously appear a decade younger, like a candidate on a makeover reality show. Nor will they turn you into Claudia Schiffer or Keira Knightley. Pick out what appeals to you and give it a whirl. There's nothing to lose but a few wrinkles.

1 Wear Sunscreen
I can't stress this enough. A large percentage of the visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, age spots) result from the cumulative effect of ultraviolet rays on the skin, over time. Wear sunscreen and you'll keep these at bay.

2 Get enough sleep
The whole idea of beauty sleep is not a myth. Your body needs time to restore itself overnight and that includes your face, too. While you sleep, cells are busy repairing DNA damage from the day before, so snuggle down and give them a chance to get on with it.

3 Learn where to put concealer
Dabbing a bit onto the skin between the inner corner of the eye and the nose has the effect of casting light into a notoriously dark spot and brightens up the face of anyone over 30. Sneak a bit around the edges of your nostrils, too, to minimize redness.

4 Resolve to eat more oily fish
Or failing that, high-grade fish-oil supplements. None of us consume enough essential fatty acids, which as well as helping our brains to function more smoothly are considered vital to keep skin-cell-membranes in good health and therefore stop the skin from getting too dry.

5 Wear tinted moisturizer
If your complexion looks even in tone, you appear younger. That's not just supposition – it's been proved by research.  Try one of Dermalogica’ s tinted moisturizer’s which comes in light, medium, or dark to easily match a variety of skin tones.  $42.

6 Drink plenty of water
Particularly hard to do at this time of year when it is so much easier to reach for warming coffee, tea or hot toddies. It won't hydrate your skin directly, but it will improve the way your insides work and good gut health is soon reflected in glowing skin.

7 Take up yoga
It is soothing, de-stressing, improves your posture, helps loosen the knots of tension that we all accumulate in our bodies and can be done anywhere. All you need is the space to unroll a yoga mat. Also, yoga devotees usually look remarkably youthful – and if you can't beat them, why not join in and see if it works its magic for you.

8 Wear the right perfume
One study last year showed that observers who sniffed a particular perfume while judging the ages of women, judged them several years younger. Bonkers? Maybe. But worth a try. The perfume in question was Ageless Fantasy by Harvey Prince.

9 Try Botox
It's not everyone's cup of tea, but injections of botulinum toxin A, to give it its proper name, will certainly ease wrinkles brought on by frowning or squinting. It's very safe, but results depend greatly on the skill of the practitioner. To find a good one, go to

10 Cut sugar from your diet
The body doesn't need it and sugar, according to nutritionists and skin experts, exacerbates a process called glycation, which accelerates ageing in the skin. (I tried this last year and found that two weeks off the sweet stuff made my skin noticeably clearer and brighter.)

11 Add the odd facial into your beauty regime
Regular TLC from a skincare professional will pay dividends in terms of a fresher-looking complexion with more bloom and spring to it. If you feel guilty about treating yourself, ask for one as a present. Try one of our MicroZone Treatments for regular skin maintenance.  $25

12 Revise your make-up
Most of us are guilty of falling into a make-up time warp and ignoring the fact that what suited us five or 10 years ago might not look so good today. Also, cosmetic formulations are constantly improving, so newer products are nicer to use, with better results.

13 Exercise regularly
Whether it's walking the dog, rock-climbing, or scuba-diving, anything that gets you moving will improve your circulation. That in turn will encourage blood flow to the skin and help give it a healthy, youth-enhancing glow.

14 Try an anti-ageing cream
It doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg.  A great anti-ageing daytime cream is Dermalogica’ s Dynamic Skin Recovery with SPF30. Enhances skin’s defense against the cause of skin aging.  This emollient SPF moisturizer contains glucosamine, soy, white tea, yeast extract and a patented polypeptide to combat free radicals, impede collagen breakdown and enhance skin firmness.  $62.00 for 1.7 ounces. 

15 Give up smoking
Just in case you need another reason to quit. It deprives the skin of oxygen, accelerates the process of skin ageing by hastening the degradation of collagen, which means more wrinkles – faster. Oh, and it's not great for your health, either.

16 Take up meditation
Not the most obvious way, perhaps, to roll back the years, but if you can learn to achieve the odd patch of focus and stillness in your life, it will help. Getting into the habit of relaxing your face as you concentrate on your breathing will ease the lines of tension and worry that we all develop with the years.

17 Sleep on a silk, or satin, pillowcase
Slippery fabric such as silk or satin drags less on the skin, so doesn't pull it into wrinkles, which sounds like an old wives' tale but actually holds true. Hairdressers recommend these, too, for longer-lasting blow-dries.

18 Eat more good bacteria
If you have what nutritionists call gut dysbiosis, or an unhealthy gut, this will be reflected in the condition of your skin. Taking acidophilus, a probiotic supplement, every day will enhance levels of good gut flora, which should soon result in healthier-looking skin.

19 Take expert advice on your hair color
"Having a few lighter strands around the face suits almost everyone and will take years off your face," says Susan Baldwin, creative color consultant at John Frieda.

20 Eat more brussel sprouts  
Most of us hate them. Some of us eat them, but only because we feel pressured to do so by a family member. The reason that brussel sprouts can help prevent the body from developing cancer is because they contain Glucosinolates and antioxidants. Some of the types of cancer that brussel sprouts may help protect the body against include breast, colon and prostate.

21 Have your eyebrows shaped
Having your eyebrows professionally shaped – and possibly tinted – is one of those minor beauty revelations that makes you wonder how you ever got by without it before. A defined brow opens and lifts the eye area in a way that's little short of wondrous. In terms of results, it's worth far more than the $15 it costs.

22 Learn to curl your eyelashes
Give them a squeeze with an eyelash curler, which looks like a giant pair of nail scissors with a clamp on the end, before you apply mascara and see how it opens up your eyes.

23 Wear blush
Get blusher right – the right color, in the right place – and your face will look instantly fresher and livelier. The easiest way to start is with a sheer gel blusher – simpler to use and to spread thinly. Smile, pat onto the apples of your cheeks, and blend up and out from there towards the hairline. And remember that less is more.

24 Get a great haircut
Updating your hairstyle can be enough to make you look years younger and a fringe hides a multitude of frown lines. Cosmetic surgeons will often send would-be clients off for a makeover; frequently, a haircut will give them enough confidence to skip the scalpel.

25  Consider a laser treatment
Fine lines and age spots can both be softened by treatment with fractional lasers (the ''fractional'' bit means that between each hole in the skin created by pinpoint laser beams, there remains a fraction of whole skin that encourages faster healing). For details, see; for practitioners, visit

26 Spend time doing things that make you happy
You'll feel better and look better as a result. And in the same vein, try to smile a bit more. It's nicer for everyone else and it tricks the body into changing its mood. It also uses fewer muscles than frowning.

27 Whiten your teeth
You don't have to spend $250 at the dentists; get your hygienist to give you a full scale and polish, then choose a decent kit off the internet or invest in a Rembrandt Whitening kit, $25, which you can use at home

28 Cut down on alcohol
Not only does drink have a dehydrating effect on the body, but it dilates the capillaries, which leads to a rosy flush on the face (not in a good way) and has a general inflammatory effect on the body that encourages ageing.

29 Get into the habit of massaging your face properly
Massage expert Beata Aleksandrowicz has done the most brilliant little book (Quick and Easy Face Massage: Five-minute Massages for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, Duncan Baird Publishers) that will encourage a smoother, happier face – and provide a tiny soothing break in your day, too.

30 Treat yourself to a professional make-up lesson
Many of the staff on department-store make-up counters are professional make-up artists. Seek one out and see what they can suggest for you. And if you don't like it, all you have to do is wipe it off, and try elsewhere.

31 Don't diet too strenuously
It's sod's law, but if you lose enough weight to make an appreciable difference to the size of your stomach and hips, the other place where the loss will really show is in your face. You don't want to end up looking gaunt – even the word is ageing.

32 Practice relaxation
We're all super-busy these days, which raises stress levels, which is ageing in itself. Relaxation is a habit that can be learnt. Taking time, watching the clouds, practicing deep breathing – will all help ease the lines of stress and worry that settle in through habit and then become a permanent part of the landscape of our faces.

33 Zap away age spots
Brown pigmentation marks on the face or hands are a giveaway of ageing skin. Treatment with chemical peals helps lighten the pigmentation, leading to a smoother, more even complexion. It's neither painful nor an expensive treatment.  Treatments cost from $70 to $120 but you do need more than one treatment for best results. Try for more information. 

34 Find the shade of lipstick that suits you
The right color, whether nude-y beige or cerise, will light up your face. Experiment at make-up counters, and consult the Bobbi Brown Lipstick Wheel (at counters nationwide) which tells you that if you're, for example, a "Tulle Brown" sort of girl, which other colors will also work for you.

35 Exfoliate
Not harshly, but with an exfoliator brush preferably every night. That's enough to take the dead cells off the surface, which makes your skin smoother, so it reflects light better, which is what makes it look more radiant.

36 Use a skin serum
Used after cleansing and before your normal moisturizer as a skin-booster treatment, these contain vitamins that help to repair and protect the skin. Try Dermalogica’s MAP-15 Regenerator $85

37 Think long and hard before going under the knife
If you're toying with the idea of a facelift, consult at least three surgeons and mull over what they suggest before deciding. Find a good one through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (

38 And finally, have more sex
Studies have found that couples who make love frequently look more than 10 years younger than the average adult who has sex less often. The current thinking is that the pleasure derived from sex is a crucial factor in preserving youth.
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