Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September is National Skin Care Awareness Month!

This is it! This is the month to really get serious about your skincare. September is National Skin Care Awareness Month and we want to educate you and help you get your skincare routine underway and added as one of THE most important components in your daily routine.

A regular (daily) good skincare routine can turn around the look, feel and health of your skin in as little as two weeks! That is not time at all if you think about. Using the right products and steps is also extremely important to healthy skin.
Here is a great place to start!
1st – Visit a professional skincare therapist and get your skin analyzed
2nd – Choose a product line especially formulated for your skins needs (we suggest Dermalogica or PCA)
3rd – Use the products in their correct order to achieve optimal benefits
4th – Add the skincare steps into your twice daily routine (morning and night for best results)

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