Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Personality

If you think that you cut or style your hair certain way for no apparent reason – you’re wrong. Everything we do, even the tiniest choices we make, play a huge role in shaping people’s perception of us. These little habits reveal a lot of details about our character and lifestyle. For example, did you know that people who like to drink red wine are warm and nurturing? Did you know that people whose favorite color is green are nature lovers, persistent in everything they do and have high self-confidence? The same is true for how you wear your hair. If you want to know what your hairstyle reveals about your personality, read on to find out.

Bangs – If you wear bangs, then you are playful, mystic, cute and childish but with a strong personality. Bangs also ooze sexuality since they draw attention to your eyes, so people may perceive you as flirty. If you want to instantly refresh your style and look seductive, visit our salon and ask your hairdresser to give you a fringe cut.

Ponytail – This simple and creative hairstyle is ideal for those who love sports and recreation, as well as for accenting facial features if attending a special event. Women who wear ponytails are powerful, know what they want, confident and strong-willed. If you’d like to appear confident, gather your hair in high or low ponytail. If your hair is not as long, use hair extensions to achieve this look.

Long Wavy Hair – Even though wavy locks convey a laid-back style, they suggest a lot of time spent in front of a mirror symbolizing self-admiration. Also, women who wear their hair this way are perceived as sexy, beautiful and very feminine. Power is another characteristic associated with this Farrah Fawcett look, and a growing number of women opt for this hairstyle. Thus, if you want to leave a powerful impression, go with wavy locks.

Long Straight Hair – This hairstyle symbolizes sensuality, low-maintenance and dominance. It is a very elegant and romantic style and it’s appropriate for both every day style or night of glamour.

Bob Hairstyle – If you prefer bob-cut, you are daring, elegant and do not bother with what people think or say about you. Visit us and get this simple, yet powerful look today.

Pixie Style – Be confident, daring and bold with a pixie cut. This hairstyle that reveals facial features is often considered to be a risky move, but at the same time very artistic and confident.

Keep in mind that the way you style and cut your hair indicates your personality. It is probably one of the most noticeable factors along with makeup and clothing that convey your character.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Invasion of the Middle Part

The middle-part reigned at London Fashion Week. Brands like Pringle of Scotland, Paul Smith, and Jonathan Saunders sent models down the runway with center-parted strands flowing into loose, textured ends. Nothing too straight or too styled, just perfectly imperfect. Center-parts are great for framing the face, but unless your visage is  faultlessly symmetric, it’s better to make it slightly off of center, so you don’t split your face down the middle. 

Step One: Anyone with shoulder-length or longer layers, can recreate a similar style to London’s runways. Start by towel-drying hair, apply Bb. Tonic from roots to ends and then use a comb to make a slightly off-center center-part which is more forgiving then going straight down the middle.

Step Two: Apply Bb. Styling Lotion on your roots followed by Defining Creme from mid-lengths to ends.

Step Three: Blowdry loosely from roots to ends, using hands to encourage a loose, lived-in texture. Through the top, keep straight the first 2-3 inches of hair.

Step Four: From 3-4 inches from the root, down to the ends, use hands to wrap small sections of hair into tight little twists. Hold twists in hands and blowdry twists up and down on high heat with the nozzle always pointing down. This will encourage a loose, easy, wave cascade.

Step Five: If the wave fails to take, use a curling iron or wand to create artful tousle.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Style Summer Beach Hair Without Trying- Just For Guys

If you can't leave the house in the morning without professionally polished hair and a perfect side part, the idea of a pool day (or trip to the beach) can be a cause for concern. The wind,
the water, the sand... nature's elements will wreak havoc on your look. But instead of reaching for your comb and running to a mirror every time you emerge from the water, embrace a more
laid back—yet still well-coiffed—version of your style with these three simple tips.

The perfect thing about the classic 1950s-inspired cut that's longer on top and fades to short on the sides is that it's highly versatile. If you know the right moves, you can easily transition
from a slick businessman look, to a rockabilly pompadour, to a casual, tousled style.

1) Switch it up. Save the side part for the boardroom and rock a messier, bed-head look on the weekends. Ditch the pomade for a grooming paste like KMS California's Molding Paste for an easy,
natural look with medium hold and massive volume. You don't even need a comb—just apply a small amount of product to the palms of your hands and work it through your strands from root to tip.
Finger styling gives hair texture and can help make it look thicker, too. After you've hit the waves, run your hands through your hair guiding it back into place. Since it was messy to begin
with, there's no need to aim for perfection.

2) If you're going straight from the sand to dinner and drinks with no time to shower, try using a dry shampoo like KMS California's Makeover Spray to soak up any sweat or dampness on your
scalp. It'll also help you restyle more easily.

3) And since sun, salt water, and chlorine strip your hair of its natural moisture and can leave you with straw-like strands, make sure you're using a conditioner like KMS California's Moist
Repair Revival Creme for Dry Hair to restore your hair's health and keep your locks shiny and soft year round.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Best Layered Haircuts & Hairstyles for 2013

Do you have medium length or long hair?  Are you looking for a hot and sexy new look for 2013? Consider adding layers to your current hairstyle. Layered haircuts were super popular in 2012, and will continue to be a popular choice in 2013.

Check out this layered haircuts picture gallery and find 15 brand new layered hairstyles.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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