Thursday, November 21, 2013

What Does Your Hairstyle Say About Your Personality

If you think that you cut or style your hair certain way for no apparent reason – you’re wrong. Everything we do, even the tiniest choices we make, play a huge role in shaping people’s perception of us. These little habits reveal a lot of details about our character and lifestyle. For example, did you know that people who like to drink red wine are warm and nurturing? Did you know that people whose favorite color is green are nature lovers, persistent in everything they do and have high self-confidence? The same is true for how you wear your hair. If you want to know what your hairstyle reveals about your personality, read on to find out.

Bangs – If you wear bangs, then you are playful, mystic, cute and childish but with a strong personality. Bangs also ooze sexuality since they draw attention to your eyes, so people may perceive you as flirty. If you want to instantly refresh your style and look seductive, visit our salon and ask your hairdresser to give you a fringe cut.

Ponytail – This simple and creative hairstyle is ideal for those who love sports and recreation, as well as for accenting facial features if attending a special event. Women who wear ponytails are powerful, know what they want, confident and strong-willed. If you’d like to appear confident, gather your hair in high or low ponytail. If your hair is not as long, use hair extensions to achieve this look.

Long Wavy Hair – Even though wavy locks convey a laid-back style, they suggest a lot of time spent in front of a mirror symbolizing self-admiration. Also, women who wear their hair this way are perceived as sexy, beautiful and very feminine. Power is another characteristic associated with this Farrah Fawcett look, and a growing number of women opt for this hairstyle. Thus, if you want to leave a powerful impression, go with wavy locks.

Long Straight Hair – This hairstyle symbolizes sensuality, low-maintenance and dominance. It is a very elegant and romantic style and it’s appropriate for both every day style or night of glamour.

Bob Hairstyle – If you prefer bob-cut, you are daring, elegant and do not bother with what people think or say about you. Visit us and get this simple, yet powerful look today.

Pixie Style – Be confident, daring and bold with a pixie cut. This hairstyle that reveals facial features is often considered to be a risky move, but at the same time very artistic and confident.

Keep in mind that the way you style and cut your hair indicates your personality. It is probably one of the most noticeable factors along with makeup and clothing that convey your character.
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