Monday, February 27, 2012

Calling All Men: Guy's Styles


Refinery 29 hit the streets of NYC looking for hairstyles that real men wear.  They even got the 8 men to dish out their styling tips and how often they get it trimmed.  From James Dean to our natural curly men, we got you covered.

"James Dean"  Cut:every 4 weeks
"Short sides, long and loose on top"  Cut: every 6 weeks

"1950s undercut" Cut: every 6 weeks
"Mad Men" Cut: every 2 weeks

"1920s, short sides, long on top"
Cut: once a month
"Long, shaggy"  Cut: Once a year           

"Long and blended" Cut 2-3 times a year
"Short enough for it to curl"
Cut: every 3-4 months

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