Friday, June 24, 2011

Give your hair some TLC


Start your summer with shiny, healthy hair with the Bb. Wear and Care line.  Two lines, one for chemically treated hair and the other for extreme dryness and over styled hair.

For color damaged or chemically treated hair, try Bb. Mending.

Mending Shampoo: An ultra mild cleanser that starts treating the hair without stripping color, wiliting perms or reverse chemically straighten hair.

Mending Conditioner:  This rich conditioner will start repairing the damage hair.

Mending Complex:  Is a daily leave-in treatment that penetrates and seals the cuticles for sustained repair, shine protection and flyaway control.

Mending Masque:  For the ultimate repair, this weekly masque restores strength, increases elasticity, and makes the unmanageable hair manageable.

For the always dry and over styled hair try Bb. Quenching.

Quenching Shampoo:  Mild Cleanser without stripping the hair of moisture.

Quenching Conditioner:  Hydrating conditioner begins replenishing vital moisture into the hair.

Quenching Complex:  A daily leave in treatment that quenches the cuticle smooth, seals in moisture, replenishes shine and smooths fly aways.

Quenching Masque:  Used weekly this hydrator restores hair natural moisture barrier for supple softness and strength.

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