Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY: Curling fine hair


1.  You will need a 1- 1/4 inch barrel iron, KMS FreeShape Hot Flex Spray, KMS Hair Stay Maxium Hold Hairspray, and a clip

2.  Prep hair with the KMS FreeShape

3.  Starting at the nape of the neck take a 2in horizontal section

4.  Then take 1in section, starting in the middle of the hair and start curling and sliding the iron as you wrap the hair around.  Unwind after 5-10 secs.

5.  Curls should look like this and curl away from the face

6.  Continue curling

7.  Lightly spray KMS Hair Stay hairspray and finger style the curls

8.  Finished style

**you can also spray hairspray before curling the hair for better hold.

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