Thursday, July 25, 2013

How to Style Summer Beach Hair Without Trying- Just For Guys

If you can't leave the house in the morning without professionally polished hair and a perfect side part, the idea of a pool day (or trip to the beach) can be a cause for concern. The wind,
the water, the sand... nature's elements will wreak havoc on your look. But instead of reaching for your comb and running to a mirror every time you emerge from the water, embrace a more
laid back—yet still well-coiffed—version of your style with these three simple tips.

The perfect thing about the classic 1950s-inspired cut that's longer on top and fades to short on the sides is that it's highly versatile. If you know the right moves, you can easily transition
from a slick businessman look, to a rockabilly pompadour, to a casual, tousled style.

1) Switch it up. Save the side part for the boardroom and rock a messier, bed-head look on the weekends. Ditch the pomade for a grooming paste like KMS California's Molding Paste for an easy,
natural look with medium hold and massive volume. You don't even need a comb—just apply a small amount of product to the palms of your hands and work it through your strands from root to tip.
Finger styling gives hair texture and can help make it look thicker, too. After you've hit the waves, run your hands through your hair guiding it back into place. Since it was messy to begin
with, there's no need to aim for perfection.

2) If you're going straight from the sand to dinner and drinks with no time to shower, try using a dry shampoo like KMS California's Makeover Spray to soak up any sweat or dampness on your
scalp. It'll also help you restyle more easily.

3) And since sun, salt water, and chlorine strip your hair of its natural moisture and can leave you with straw-like strands, make sure you're using a conditioner like KMS California's Moist
Repair Revival Creme for Dry Hair to restore your hair's health and keep your locks shiny and soft year round.


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