Friday, July 29, 2011

We love Glee!

And of course their hair!  The new school year is starting soon or has already started for others in the Valley of the Sun.  Why not come in for a fresh haircut, style, color, or hair extensions.  Take a look of our fave Glee girls and their style.

Rachel Berry

Her style is a bit more on the preppy side.  Her long straight hair is simple, but her full bangs make her stand out in the crowd.  To style, spray a bit of Bb.Tonic and Bb.Styling lotion and blow dry with a flat brush.  Finish with the Bb.Shine.


                                                                                     Quinn Fabray

Once prim and proper is now the rebel of the group, but she's still gorgeous with her new sexy bob.  She cut about six inches!  To style, spray Bb.Thickening all over and blow dry with a flat brush.  Finish with some Bb.Brillantine for shine and separation.


Just because she wear spikes and chains and mostly black like her hair, Tina can still have some fun.  Here she shows her blues in extensions.  If you're afraid to do anything permanent, colored hair or feather extensions are the easiest fix to boring hair.  Not all extensions are permanently fused (glued) to the hair, they can be clipped in with a small comb or beads.

                                                                                          Mercedes Jones

A true diva, her hair is always perfect and shiny.  We love her even more with her bangs.  To keep hair healthy and shiny, once a week use Bb.Mending line.  To style, spray Bb.Tonic, rub some Bb.Straight and blow dry.  Finish with a 1 1/2 inch barrel curling iron, taking 1 inch sections and roll away from the face.

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