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The Best HairStyling Products for Guys

Hairstyling Products

Just like the shoes and clothes you wear, the way you style your hair will say a lot about your sense of fashion and personality.

Men's hairstyles continually evolve with new trends.  Just like the shoes and clothes you wear, the way you style your hair says a lot about your sense of fashion and personality.  However, before you decide on your next hairstyle, or if you simply want to change your current look, read on to find out what these hairstyling products can do for you.  Each of these products form distinct textures and styles for various hair types.  Discover which products can better help you achieve the hair you've always wanted.

Mousse is great for any man's hairstyle and it can create practically any desired look.  When used on wet hair, it will give you a sleek, wet look, with shine.  When used on dry hair, it will help shape, mold and hold your hair in place with a more natural look.  Mousse can also provide volume for men with thinner or fine hair.   Wear mousse on a daily basis to create a natural and easy-to-manipulate hairstyle.

Chris Hemsworth - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Shake the bottle. Dispense a small amount in one hand and apply to your hair with both hands. Style your hair to your liking and blow dry for maximum hold.

Main benefit
Mousse allows you to restyle your hair throughout the day without the stickiness factor.

Main drawbacks
Quality hair mousse doesn't come cheap and it might lack holding strength for those who need more grip.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for mousse include Chris Hemsworth, James Franco and Lapo Elkann.

Hair gel is the most efficient of hairstyling products for keeping your hair steady in its place.  Gel works well on waved, curled, relaxed, textured, and virgin (uncolored or untreated) hair over extended time periods, and it can be used for styling techniques such as freezing, sculpting, molding, and scrunching.
Good quality gels will also moisturize and condition your hair for many days. Make sure to avoid any gels or other hair products that contain alcohol because they will dry out and damage your hair. Cheap gels have a tendency to dry the scalp and generate flaking.

Ed Westwick Hair - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Dispense a nickel-size amount of gel in one hand and use both hands to rub it into your towel-dried hair. Style the hair to your liking. Blow-dry if you want maximum hold or dry naturally for a shiny look.

Main benefit
It will cement your hairstyle for many hours, even in the face of heavy winds.

Main drawbacks
A large quantity of gel is needed for many looks and you will get your hands sticky if restyling is needed throughout the day.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for gel include Ed Westwick, Jon Hamm as Don Draper and Brad Pitt.

Most pomade products provide a combination of conditioning, styling, shining, and texture-enhancing ingredients. Pomade works best for short to medium length hair. Use for holding, shaping and defining your hairstyle.
Pomade also allows you to have a natural look and adds texture. It's a great product for more stylish haircuts and for that "messy" look.  We suggest Bumble and Bumble's Styling Wax to achieve this look.

Alex Pettyfer - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Skim a small quantity onto your fingers, then rub your fingers together and apply to your hair. Distribute evenly where molding is needed.

Main benefit
Only small quantities are needed and it really gives your hair great texture.

Main drawback
When too much is applied, it might give your hair a greasy look. In some cases, it may require multiple shampooings in order to remove pomade.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for pomade include Alex Pettyfer, Mark Ronson and Bradley Cooper.


Bumble and Bumble's Does It All or Spray De Mode can be used as a styling or finishing product. It makes your hair look thicker and can add shine. Most quality hairsprays include effective UV sunscreen protection, which is great for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. When sprayed on wet hair, you can style and mold your hair to your liking.
Hairspray is also great for finishing already-styled and dry hair for maximum hold. A little tip is to avoid any hairspray that smells too pungent, to make sure it doesn't drown out your cologne's fresh scent.

George Clooney Hair - Credit: Getty Images

How to use it
Hairspray is the simplest hairstyling product to use: Spray it evenly across your hair. Blow dry or let dry for different styles. Just make sure to stay away from open flame and lit cigarettes.

Main benefits
Very easy to apply (three to four sprays), and you don't have to get your hands dirty.

Main drawbacks
Many hairsprays have a strong smell, and when too much hairspray is used it can give your hair a dry and crunchy texture.

Celebrities whose hairdos are perfect for hairspray: George Clooney, Leonardo Dicaprio and Javier Bardem.

Which hair product is right for you?
Hopefully, you'll find a product that best suits your hairstyle's needs. Just remember: Whatever product you opt for, make sure it contains no alcohol, and try to find products with UV sunscreen protection and moisturizing characteristics to maintain your healthy hair.

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