Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sun Exposure and Skin Aging

As much as we all enjoy the sun, it is very easy for a bit of unprotected sun exposure to lead to permanent damage to our skin. Skin is an excellent record keeper. Every moment of exposure to daylight is recorded and stores up like money in a bank. The result is skin damage, also known as photodamage. The top cause of premature signs of skin aging, sun damage shows on the skin in the form of wrinkles, hyperpigmentation (brown spots) and can lead to a repressed immune system and the potential for skin cancer.

Even if the periods of sun exposure are brief (say you sit outside for 20 minutes whilst you eat lunch), the cumulative exposure is enough to cause skin damage and signs of aging. The first line of defense against damage is the daily use of spf. Even on cloudy or overcast days UV rays can cause damage to your skin. Just wearing spf on sunny days is not sufficient, it should be added to your daily skin care routine all year round.

Sunscreens have become much more sophisticated in recent years and there are now formulations available for every skin type. A skin therapist will be able to advise which spf product is perfect for your skin and how to easily add it into your daily regimen. Whether you require sunscreen on it’s own, a spf moisturiser to wear under make-up or a foundation with added spf, there are options available. So no excuses for not being properly protected!

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