Monday, June 11, 2012

Let's hear it for the Curls!

Soon to be in theaters, Disney/Pixar movie, "Brave" will have us all embracing our wild side.  Meet Princess Merida, a fiery redhead with tons of curls!  To tame our real curly cues, thank goodness for Bumble Bumble Curl Conscious.

A complete line of shampoo and conditioner, plus a deep condition mask for curls that are extra dry.  Two leave in cremes, one for fine curls (Defining Creme), and the other for course curls (Calmining Creme).  And if your a mousse girl, the Bb. Holding foam is a soft foam to give the curl extra hold and structure.

This summer, put away your blow dryer and flat irons and embrace our curls!

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