Monday, March 5, 2012

Get Wedding Ready: What you need to know and do!

This week is all about getting wedding ready. Here's the 3 most important for brides when preparing for the perfect day----Skin, Hair, and Makeup.


To best prep skin before the wedding is at least 9 months, but some of us don't have that much time.  If you're using any prescribed or over the counter facial products, most of them require at least a few months to take full effect.  The solution, set up a series of facials or chemical peels with an esthetician. Each treatment is 100% customized to your skin's needs.  Whether you're dry, oily, or sensitive, they can help to make sure you look your best on your perfect day.

Facials cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin to promote clear and a well-hydrated skin.  First a skin analysis  is done to determine what treatment and products to be used. Next, is exfoliation.  Mechanical exfoliation has a gritty texture and is used with a steam vapor directed at the face.  Chemical peels can be part of a facial, but it's usually a stand alone service that can be done in a series.   Then, extraction is done to remove blackheads and whiteheads.  It is not recommended for really sensitive skin since it can cause discoloration if done improperly.  Effleurage is a facial massage using classic strokes to both relax you and stimulate the your skin and facial muscles.  A customized facial mask is then apply to the skin.  Lastly, applications of toners and protective creams for the skin.

If you need a faster skin care treatments, try these:

  • Cortisone shots:  Got a cystic blemish?  A dermatologist can quickly injected with a diluted steroid so it can disappear in a day or two.
  • Botox:  a small injection can quickly smooth out wrinkles instantly

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